Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To convert health care delivery from a sickness model to one of high value health services emphasizing health and wellness. The goal is High Value Health, Access, and Quality Health Care

Mission: The mission of the Healthcare Transformation Institute is to identify, cultivate, demonstrate, and deploy methods by which the quality of health can continuously improve while simultaneously reducing associated costs. HTI goals include access to and delivery of the best healthcare to all people at minimal expense, with demonstrable results

Our Strategy and Focus

HTI focuses on projects with high-ris patients that fall into the 20 percent that drive 80 percent of health care expenses. By focusing on these patients, the goal of improving health value (improving care for the most people at less cost) will have the greatest impact. Two other critical factors determining selection are the commitment from the partners to implement change and the scalability of the project to wider regions of the country. 

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Elements of Healthcare Transformation

  • Alignment of incentives
  • Connectivity among caregivers and patients
  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Business plans and models
  • Metrics and evaluation
  • Medication management
  • In-home care

Board of Directors

Denis Cortese photo

Denis A. Cortese, MD


  • Foundation Professor and Director, Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program, Arizona State University
  • Emeritus President and Chief Executive Officer, Mayo Clinic
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Robert Smoldt photo

Robert K. Smoldt, MBA


  • Associate Director, Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program, Arizona State University
  • Emeritus Chief Administrative Officer, Mayo Clinic
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Mindy Fain photo

Mindy J. Fain, MD


  • The Anne & Alden Hart Memorial Endowed Chair in Medicine
  • Chief, Division of Geriatrics, General Internal Medicine and Palliative Medicine
  • Co-Director, Arizona Center on Aging, University of Arizona College of Medicine
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Michael M. Crow, PhD


  • President, Arizona State University
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Phillip B. Gordon


  • Director, CSS Institute of Advanced Health
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Phillip A. Barr, MPA

Special Assistant to the Board