HTI works with communities and organizations to identify opportunities within their healthcare ecosystem that will result in improved health value for their patients and for the general population. Projects to address these opportunities are selected by HTI using the following criteria:

  • Clearly articulated vision of the health delivery outcomes desired
  • Focus on projects with patients that account for the majority of healthcare expenses
  • Goal of improving value as defined by improved outcomes, better access and reduced costs
  • Commitment to make the necessary changes within the organization
  • Commitment to provide appropriate resources to launch and operate the project
  • Engaged leadership talent ready to make the necessary changes
  • Scalability of project to a larger population of patients

All projects include partners from a variety of organizations who are committed to solving a specific problem and achieving the outcomes identified in each exemplar. Project outcomes will be published and shared with other groups who are interested in solving similar problems and with regulatory organizations, health providers, insurers and governments (local, state, federal) in order to help drive important change to improve health value across the U.S. and around the world.